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SWF to FLA Converter for Windows OS
Experts rated SWF to FLA Converter as:
  • Professional yet incredibly easy-to-use: SWF to FLA conversion is performed in 2 clicks
  • Functional and cost effective: if you want to edit SWF you can make it in the Flash Decompiler's interface without conversion to FLA and without Adobe® Flash® Professional installed
  • Reliable and always up-to-date: our SWF to FLA converter solution supports all the latest Flash technologies: Flash CS6, Flash CC, Flex and AS 3.0!
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Convert SWF to FLA or Flex source

or how to get source FLA code from any SWF file

Flash Decompiler Trillix is a professional tool for obtaining the FLA source out of any SWF file. This means you can take any SWF file and get its source code (FLA of Flex project) with our SWF to FLA Converter. After that it is ready for editing with Flash authoring software (Adobe Flash Professional or Adobe Flex Builder™)!

Edit SWF without converting to FLA

or how to edit SWF images, links, text and music in SWF

If you need to implement just some minor changes to your SWF file, but you don't want to mess with FLA source or if you don't have the software for editing FLA, it's not a problem anymore! Flash Decompiler is the solution. A unique editing feature of Eltima SWF to FLA Converter lets you easily edit already existing images, sounds, texts, links, colours and lines in your Flash movie.

Extract everything out of SWF

or how to pick sounds, pictures or videos out of SWF file

You are enjoying music, image or any other SWF element. Can it be extracted? Sure, there is a way! Now any object inside of the SWF file can be extracted and saved as a separate file with the help of SWF to FLA Converter by Eltima. Images, sounds, texts, links, morphs, shapes, sprites, buttons and ActionScripts can be exported in a variety of formats to let you gain the best results possible.

I did try other products before using Flash Decompiler Trillix and chose Trillix because of the variety of things you could use it for. All the other programs were extremely limited.

Rohan Barar

Do you want to keep your flash files clean and working perfectly, ALWAYS? Then Eltima SWF to FLA Converter it's definitely the leading software for you.

Izzy La Boy
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