How to:

decompile Flash CS5 SWF to Flash XFL format
with Flash Decompiler Trillix by Eltima!

Starting from version 5.X Flash Decompiler Trillix supports Adobe Flash CS5 files and SWF to XFL conversion.
Flash Decompiler allows decompiling SWF files, converting them to their source format and opening and modifying them in their native Flash environment.
What is .xfl?
XFL file format represents Flash Professional document as XML-based, open folder of files. It is essentially the XML equivalent of FLA file format. An XFL file is actually a ZIP archive, inside which one can find the source materials for a Flash project. Also inside XFL an XML file can be found, which describes the document in such way that Adobe Flash can read it and construct the whole Flash project out of that. The information inside XML can be edited and these changes will automatically take effect when the file is launched.

So how to decompile Flash CS5 SWF to Flash XFL format?
Follow these simple steps to convert SWF to XFL:
swf to xfl converter Download and launch Flash Decompiler Trillix
decompile swf to xfl
Use ''File explorer'' panel to open the SWF file you'd like to decompile
flash cs5 swf decompiler
Add the Flash CS5 SWF file that you want to decompile to Flash XFL file to "My tasks" list
how to get .xfl out of .swf
After the file was added, click "Convert" button at the ribbon and choose the destination folder for XFL file
convert .swf to .xfl
Don’t forget to choose the format of the file you will get after conversion. In this case it is "Adobe Flash CS5 (v11)" format
decompile swf to xfl
Start conversion by clicking "Convert current" button
adobe flash cs5 file
After the conversion finished you can find your .xfl file at the path you indicated before starting the conversion process. Then open it in Adobe Flash CS5 for further editing.
That's It! Thank you for trying the SWF to XFL Converter by Eltima!