Edit SWF files

or how to edit SWF Flash without source
FLA file

You are welcome to test and download SWF to FLA Converter free trial version
SWF to FLA Converter allows you to edit SWF files created with Adobe® Flash® Professional even if the source FLA file was lost!

I have a SWF file that was compiled long time ago and the source FLA was misplaced. How do I make changes to SWF file without installing Adobe® Flash® in this case?

Common solutions:
Create an FLA file in Adobe® Flash® Professional from the very beginning
Disadvantages: You should be a very experienced Flash developer to recreate FLA file by just looking at a SWF. And lots of time is needed.
Pay a professional developer to recreate FLA from scratch
Disadvantages: Professional Flash developer can charge a lot for the work. And you'll have to spend money again if you need to make any adjustments in your SWF file in future.

The above solutions certainly don't mean cheap and quick editing of SWF files, when you don't have FLA at hand.

How we solve it:

swf editor We offer convenient, high-quality, and affordable solution for editing of SWF elements - Flash Decompiler.

So, you can:
edit swf Edit sounds, images, texts, and other elements without even converting SWF to FLA. As a result you won't need to install Adobe® Flash®.
flash editor Convert SWF to FLA and edit the latter in Adobe® Flash® later compiling it back to SWF with all the necessary changes made.

Flash Decompiler is presented as a SWF Editor in this section, we have also created the SWF to FLA HOW-TO base to assist you in mastering the main functions of our software easily.

You are welcome to download the free trial version of Flash Decompiler.