SWF Ripper

Rip SWF, edit its objects, get exactly
the Flash you want!

You are welcome to download SWF Ripper trial version to check if it suits you
When you need to rip SWF file the Flash ripper will be an ideal solution. Although with advanced features SWF ripper has a friendly interface that is easy to navigate. No matter how complex your SWF file is - Flash Decompiler will cope with it.
Flash ripper will come in handy when:
You need to restore lost FLA file
You need to rip SWF to see its structure
You need to work with your Flash or Flex project in a native environment
You want to edit some of SWF elements on the fly

SWF ripper is an ideal solution for extracting source FLA file out of SWF. You will be able to make any changes to SWF file.

You'll find our solution rather useful when you:
need to rip SWF without spending lots of time and resources;
don't want to spend lots of money on a very expensive software;
just want to edit that SWF without being a Flash professional;
value your time and want the work to be done quickly;

In this section Flash Decompiler is presented as a SWF Ripper, besides you are welcome to study our our How-To tips. They will surely prompt you effective solutions in many situations.

You can Try SWF Ripper Demo and preview the results immediately.