SWF to FLA Converter

or how to get source FLA from SWF
and edit it in Adobe® Flash®

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One usually creates SWF files in the following Adobe products: Adobe® Flash® Professional and Adobe Flex Builder™. The source FLA files are created and compiled in Adobe® Flash®, while Flex source files are generated in Adobe Flex Builder™. Those projects are later compiled to SWF format and if you want to make any changes in in SWF you'll need to access its sources. After you edited source FLA or Flex files you can compile them back to SWF with the needed changes.

What if the source FLA file was lost completely? How do I make changes to my SWF?
What do I do to extract FLA from SWF?

Common solutions:
Developing the whole project anew in Adobe® Flash® Professional or Adobe Flex Builder™.
Disadvantages: Developing the whole project anew, especially a complex one, consumes a lot of time. Additionally the profound knowledge of Flash technology is needed.
Ask a Flash specialist to recreate the source files after studying through your SWF file.
Disadvantages: Professional Flash developers can charge very expensively for their services.

None of the above solutions combines fast-speed and low-cost restoring of source FLA files when you only have a SWF file left.

How we solve it:

swf to fla converter Eltima Software offers an inexpensive and high-quality solution for converting SWF files to their source FLA files or Flex projects.

With Flash Decompiler Trillix you can easily obtain source FLA or Flex files and work with them in Adobe® Flash® or Adobe Flex Builder™.

You can do even more:
swf to fla Edit SWF elements without converting SWF to FLA.
convert swf to fla Extract FLA or Flex projects out of SWF to work in native Flash or Flex environment.
swf to flash fla Export SWF objects (images, sounds, videos, etc.) and save them as separate files
actionscript viewer Manage ActionScript code, i.e. view, copy, paste, and search.

In this section Flash Decompiler is presented as SWF to FLA Converter, we have also created a SWF to FLA HOW-TO Area, which will help you easily learn the basics of using our software.

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